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Behind The Mist
Book One of The Mist Trilogy

There exists a land filled with power and love...behind the mist.

Nick and his family spend their summers in the Colorado mountains where he first meets an exceptional horse named Jazz. What begins as an increasingly strong bond between a horse and his young rider goes beyond extraordinary when an unexpected tragedy launches them on a thrilling journey to the land behind the mist.

Celestia is the immortal home to noble and great horses that, based upon the virtues they developed on earth, earned the privilege to be given the power and status of a unicorn, and receive their horns. Under the guidance and direction provided by Lord Urijah and his Council of the Twelve Ancients, the unicorns serve as the guardian angels to the animals on earth.

Nick is the only human in Celestia--or so it first appears. As they learn more about this magical land, Nick and Jazz are compelled to embark on a rescue mission into the Dark Kingdom that is ruled by the evil unicorn, Hasbadana. Though aided on their journey by special skills and unusual allies, the boy and horse confront powers that threaten to destroy them in their attempt to save a lost soul.

If you love horses and unicorns, you must add this new fantasy book for children and teens to your collection.

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Mists of Darkness
Book Two of The Mist Trilogy

Fantasy, suspense, horses and unicorns are combined in this beautifully executed story that will delight you…

Having braved the evil powers in the Dark Kingdom and rescued a lost soul in Behind the Mist, Nick and Jazz proved themselves worthy to become members of the Legion of the Unicorn, the guardian angels to the animals on earth. In a ceremony passed down through the ages, Jazz is endowed with a glowing horn and a new name: Lazari. Nick becomes his partner as the first unicorn rider.

However, the celebration is short-lived as word reaches Celestia of an ominous dark mist that descended upon the Churchill Downs race track in Kentucky. When the mist dissipated, several horses had vanished. The unicorns knew immediately that this was the work of Hasbadana, the ruler of the Dark Kingdom.

Again and again, the mist of darkness descends upon horse venues around the world. Appealing to those that have been abused or neglected by their human owners, many horses answer Hasbadana’s call to help him conquer the earth. Urijah, the lord of Celestia, and his Council of the Twelve Ancients watch anxiously, never knowing where Hasbadana and his mist of darkness will strike next.

Will Nick, Lazari and the Legion of the Unicorn be able to stop him?

In the continuation of the Mist trilogy, M.J. Evans’s masterful storytelling exudes spellbinding images and heartrending emotion. Mists of Darkness enthralls from the first page to the last, even as it leaves you eagerly awaiting book three.


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North Mystic
Leprechauns in running shoes, trolls who are afraid of the sunlight and three children unwittingly prepared to lead a revolution…

A small assemblage of Leprechauns makes their home in a land they name North Mystic. The tiny species are the descendants of immigrants who escaped from Ireland during the siege of Viking pirates in the 900’s by stealing away in one of the Vikings’ own longships.

For several years, they live in peace and prosperity, harvesting their gold from the roots of their shamrock fields. But, alas, all does not remain so idyllic. A band of Vikings crosses the treacherous North Sea and arrives at their shores. The big brutes kidnap their children and demand a tax of all their gold, promising to return the next year with their children if the ransom of the next year’s crop of gold is paid to them.

Meanwhile, living in a condition of opulent neglect, the three Callahan children are, unsuspectingly, preparing to perform a great work. While their parents carry on their busy lives without them, the children are raised under the careful supervision of cameras, microphones and computer screens. On an otherwise ordinary day, the eldest child, Evelynd, discovers a trap door in the floor of the linen closet. Curiosity leads the adolescent and her two younger siblings, Avery and Drew, on an amazing adventure to North Mystic where their arrival had been foretold for hundreds of years.

Will the three children be able to help the Leprechauns secure their freedom? Read North Mystic to find out.


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